Testimonials Archive

Rob Lowe

5th July 2013 by Rob Lowe



11th September 2013 by Ronnie
I am very impressed with your service finding the full zip polar fleece with generic R/Tape. 


Marcus Johnston

4th July 2013 by Marcus Johnston
Excellent service & pleasant to deal with. Good selection of work wear clothing on the shelf.



2nd August 2013 by Gail
Thanks so much for the wonderful personal service last weekend, staying open late so I could get the safety boots I needed first thing Monday morning!  The boots have been really comfortable.  Good luck with the new shop location.


Judy Ho

7th August 2013 by Judy Ho A friend of mine who now lives overseas has owned a pair of Blundstone boots for years and absolutely raved about the quality of Blundstone boots.  Recently she asked me to purchase a pair of Size 6 Blundstone boots in black colour for her.  I was able to quickly locate a store which stocked Blundstone boots near where I work on the internet.  I called At the Coalface and spoke to Arina who was very friendly and polite.  I explained to Arina what I was looking for and told her that I needed the boots in a week’s time as I would be travelling overseas and bringing the boots for my friend.  Arina explained to me that they didn’t have the shoe size I was looking for and would have to order them from Melbourne.  However she assured me that I would get the boots in time for my travel.  I picked up my boots earlier this week as promised.  I was impressed by the customer service provided by Arina.  She was attentive, polite, very friendly and helpful and was obviously knowledgeable of her products.  My whole experience of dealing with At the Coalface has been very good.  I will definitely come back to the shop for future purchases. 


Tyler Duncan

10th Aug 2013 by Tyler Duncan
Great helpful service