Classifying Superior Company Work Clothing in 10 Ways


Bocini Work Clothing
Bocini Work Clothing

Work apparels or employee’s uniforms represent the entire image of a certain company. If the worker wears uncleaned or poor quality work clothing, in the eyes of a consumer the company where they work is not probably a good company or suffering from poor management, whereas the opposite if the worker wear a neat and high standard designed uniforms the company is doing well.

This may be an old belief, but first impression always last, so whether the business is doing great or not, company owners must consider to make their work uniforms  meet the quality standard of a good set of work clothing.

However, a research from Northwestern University shows that a poor quality uniform has a great impact to the employee who wears it and also to his work performance output.

Mr. Adam Galinsky a management professor of Northwestern and spearhead the “enclothed cognition” study, said in his ABC news interview,  “wearers have a tendency to take on the (quality) characteristics of (their) clothes.” meaning if a worker wears superior business uniform, the worker will get accustomed to working a superior way.

According to the Unifirst Corporation Director of Marketing,   Mr. Adam Soreff, the  number one producer and distributor of company uniforms throughout  the U.S. and Canada said, “The devil is in the details,” and he adds, “You should read and compare fabric labels, and examine work clothing closely to assess overall quality.”

So, how will you classify high standard work uniforms? Here are ten considerable tips to ponder.

  • Find a textile that is made of “ring spun” material. This special kind of clothing, substance can make work clothing hard wearing, but easy to wear.
  • Observe the stitching closely. A skintight sewing outline means, a good representation of superior quality.
  • Check if it’s “banded collar” or “two-piece assembled collar” this would make inelasticity or firmness to the collar.
  • Find out if the pocket corners were stitched tacks triangularly because this would make pocket’s stronger.
  • Check if the collar is a “sewn-in collar”. Thin plastic pieces were implanted inside the collar to avoid twisting and retain its stiffness.
  • Inspect for shirt cuff lining. If its two-ply this would definitely add up to the durability of the sleeves and it will keep it intact in place.
  • Find out if the pants have broader belt loops and back pockets. Small and narrow pockets can be irritating for a worker, whereas outsized work strap can be annoying too, because it will have no space to  move and has the tendency to rip off thinner belt hoops.
  • Find out if buttons, velcro, zippers or snaps are fastened securely. And button holes were neatly sewn and zippers are moving smoothly without interruption.
  • Top stitching in the pants pocket will give a hard and edgy look in the pocket opening, if the pants uniform has this then it’s 100% in good quality.
  • Examine the bottom pant legs. If you discovered the fabric was doubled over stitched. It’s a good sign because a much bigger hem will make the pant legs  look better. 

If you see all of these significant signs in a work clothing, then you are rest assured that the uniforms are in tough quality.


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