Factors Affecting the Durability of Safety Boots

If you read numerous guides on shopping for the best safety boots in the marketplace, you will notice how durability is often given an emphasis. After all, why would you buy a specific brand and model if you know that it will not withstand the test of time? Why are you going to waste your money with such an inferior product? However, while you might be aware of how critical it is to put an emphasis on durability, are you also aware of the different factors that will have an impact on such? If not, keep on reading and I will let you know what these things are.


This is most probably the most significant factor with an impact on the functional life of safety footwear. Until today, leather remains to be the most common choice when it comes to safety boots. It offers not only flexibility of movement, but also ability to resist wear and tear. Nonetheless, not all types of leather are the same. Especially the cheap ones, they might deteriorate easily and may not offer a high level of protection. Due to the recent advancements in technology, new materials have bene introduced, which are known by their brand names, such as in the case of Gore-Tex Vibram, and Thinsulate. These technologies have made it possible for boots to last longer, although they also lead into an increase in price.

Frequency of Use

If you use your shoes for walking every day, it is more likely that it will deteriorate sooner, but the answer on how soon such will happen is going to depend on its quality. The same thing can be expected in the case of steel cap boots. If you use it to work five days a week and eight hours in a day, you can expect it to be less durable after several years. On the other hand, if you use it only once a week or several times in a month, it is possible that it will last longer. If you are wearing the boost frequently, more pressure is applied on it by the foot and it affects its life. But again, this will all depend on the quality of the footwear.


Just like in the case of regular and causal shoes, your steel cap boots will need periodic maintenance. If you keep it clean all the time, it will not only be pleasing in terms of aesthetics, but is will also make it more likely to last longer. In addition, the right choice of cleaning material will also be critical. If it is too harsh and if it contains toxic chemicals, the boots may deteriorate easily. Make sure to refer to the instructions from the manufacturer so that you will know the specific instruction on how to preserve its quality over the span of time. It is also important to have it stored at the right place when not being used.

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