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Maxisafe GPH219 Heat Resistant Gauntlet


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Maxisafe GPH219 Heat Resistant Gauntlet

One Size Fits Most

  • Ultra High Contact Heat Protection – Up to 250°C
  • Designed for intermittent handling of hot objects up to 180°C and contact heat up to 250°
  • Provides high resistance to cuts, snags and abrasion
  • Enhances grip on dry and oily surfaces
  • Comfortable & flexible: sweat absorbent, nonwoven felt inner


  • Handling hot glass
  • Removing trays from ovens
  • Handling hot castings
  • Demoulding rubber tyres, vulcanizing, calendaring etc
  • Removing sterilized products from autoclaves and steam ovens
  • Steel and Aluminimium Smelters
  • Food Processing Services
  • Glass/Bottle Manufacturing
  • Plastics Industries
  • Metal Fabrication

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