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Metatarsal Guard Protection

Why compromise on your feet’s safety at hazardous construction sites when you can invest in an all rounder metatarsal pair of boots that ensure safety, support as well as resilience against all odds! The best of the best metatarsal work boots are not only sturdy but also lightweight and comfortable so that you can easily wear them for long durations without getting tired. Some more advantages of investing in a pair of metatarsal work boots are that they provide proper metatarsal area protection via a metatarsal padded guard that covers the top area of the foot and shoe safety area that further protects the front area of the foot.

Metatarsal work boots are made from genuine leather which means they will not easily get worn down or tear open because of the abrasion resistant properties of leather. The quality rubber outer soles protect the users feet from undue friction and stress along with being slip resistant on oily and wet surfaces. The rubber properties also make them shock resistant. metatarsal boots are perfect for sites where there is a high chance of drop hazards. metatarsal protects the users feet from any p[potential cuts, bruises, burns and acids. This is a popular choice for mining workers, factory hands and drillers, who sometimes need the extra protection the Met-Guard affords.


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