A Short Buyer’s Guide On Choosing The Right Safety Wear

The first instance of hi visibility safety wear was back in the early 60’s at the Scottish rail system when they tested reflective railway safety clothing because of the influx of the electric rail system; which meant faster trains and a higher likelihood of the workers getting into an accident. The test was a massive success which is why you can now find hi visibility clothing just about anywhere right now.

If your job requires that you work in low light environments, or when you have to interact with heavy machinery in the same space, then you should invest in some good quality safety gear like hi vis clothing because they might just save your life one day. To help you pick out the best hi vis shirts and other gear, here is a short buying guide that may be able to help you make the right choice.

Find Out What Your Work Requires You To Wear

The first thing that you absolutely need to do before you even go out shopping for high visibility work wear is to find out just what your line of work requires you to wear. If you are working in the rail industry, then you need highly reflective orange-colored safety vests and work wear, while if you are working as a security guard then black or navy blue gear with hi vis strips is the way to go.

When working in construction sites or warehouses where there are many heavy machinery rolling around, then the safety gear you wear should have a contrasting color so that the operators of the machines can see you better and avoid you. For instance, if the equipment in your workplace are mostly colored orange, then you should wear bright green hi visibility shirts or jackets so that you are clearly distinguished even from afar. If you are starting your own company and your line of business is along these lines, then you should check the implementing rules and regulations on the type of safety gear that you need to provide your workers.

What Kind Of Environment Will You Be Working In?

Does your job require you to work outside and exposed to the elements? If so, then you should get high visibility work wear that can protect you from the weather. For instance, for crossing guards who work all year round on the street, they need to wear safety vests during the summer that is made from light materials that can let their skin breathe; and high visibility coveralls that is also waterproof when the rainy season comes.

If your line of work requires you to handle some really nasty chemicals, then your work clothes should provide you with ample protection. Different kinds of jobs require different levels of protection, so you should take your working conditions into account as well when you are out searching for safety work wear.

You Get What You Pay For

When buying hi visibility jackets and other gear, you should try your best not to be too stingy with the prices. If you want hi quality safety gear, then you should be willing to pay a premium for them. Though it is true that you can buy more high visibility wear when you choose to go with the cheap ones, but those types of things rarely last a couple of months before they need replacing; when your physical safety is on the line, then you should at least get the best safety clothing that you can afford.

To make things even easier, you can also check out our company’s website for a wide variety of choices when it comes to safety work wear; and you can get them at more reasonable prices as well. Our company is known for providing high quality safety workwear in Sydney, Parramatta, Wollongong, and other towns and cities. We can certainly guarantee that all the gear in our website has passed strict government requirements and that they can provide you with all the protection that you need. When you don safety wear brought from our company, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.




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