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Due to the high instance of foot injury in the workplace, choosing the right shoe for the job is extremely important. Foot injuries sustained in the workplace can cause both short and long term problems and can be worsened over time. The best way to ensure that the correct safety footwear is being selected is by referring to the Australian standards, which contain detailed information and advice on the selection, care, and use of safety, protective and occupational footwear. Ensure your safety footwear is comfortable. Good quality, well fitted safety footwear should not be uncomfortable and will need very little breaking-in time.

Recognise that comfortable safety footwear will reduce fatigue and keep you fresher and alert longer. Be aware of the hazards in your workplace. If you have concerns about foot safety, alert your employer or safety officer. Make sure your shoes fit properly and that you wear appropriate shoes for your workplace. With safety shoes, workers can protect themselves from trips, slips, burns and even electric shocks. As there is a large variety of safety shoes available in the market, it is important to find a pair of boots that fits the job role and safety requirements. For example, electric hazard boots are best when exposed to high-voltage machines and electricity, while steel-toe boots are the best choice for construction workers.


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