Everyday uses for the Hi Visibility Vest

Everyday uses for the high visibility vest. If you have never heard of a hi-vis vest it is basically a vest that you can put on over what you are already wearing that is a brightly colored yellow. These vests are often used on the work site in order for oncoming traffic (in the cases of highway construction workers) can be able to easily identify if there is a worker on the road.

Today there are even more uses for the high visibility vest and these are making it even easier and safer for those people that are looking to commute from one place to another via alternative means. What that means is traveling the non-traditional methods. Instead of driving your car to work you will take your bike. If you take your bike wearing a high visibility vest means that the cars you are sharing the road with will be able to see you more easily.

Pedestrians that have to walk through heavily congested roads may also want to consider wearing one of this vests because they offer the wearer the added visibility and added peace of mind that cars on the road will be able to see them even if they are not traveling on a bike.

Hi Visibility safety vests can also be used in a preparedness pack. These can be very useful to keep stored for emergency use.

Another very nice everyday use for this would be in the trunk of your car. If you experience a flat tire in the middle of the night you can pull over to the side of the road pull out your vest and your flares and feel safe knowing that you are now visible to oncoming traffic and should you find yourself in an area with no cell reception you know that someone will be able to see you and your risk of injury greatly diminishes as a direct result.

If you are working at the cross walk to help children cross the road wearing a high visibility vest means that the cars will be able to see you and will be more inclined to stop and yield for the children that are crossing.

At the end of the day, the every day uses for the high visibility vest continue to increase because we as a society are becoming more aware of how we can protect ourselves. We like to think that is a good thing.


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