Everyday Uses for the Safety Boots

We have to admit that we got pretty excited about today’s topic for the simple fact that we love the safety boot. When we first started this company we were focused primarily on the safety boot. In fact it is in our title. “At the Coal Face Boots, Work wear, Safety”

Safety boots is what we do and who we are. We believe that when you are wearing the best boots on the job that you decrease the risk of injury and our customers happen to agree. The boots that we stock on our shelves protect ankles injuries, electrical shock injuries, and more.

Which is what brings us to today’s subject of the every day uses for the safety boot. You already know that the safety boot is great for when you are at work but what it the motivation for wearing a pair of these when you are at home?

Working on home projects: When you are doing manual labor at home it is always a good idea to be wearing a pair of safety boots. If you forget to turn off the power because you get started on that ceiling fan repair you could find yourself in an unfortunate situation. The boots can decrease the damaging effects of that mistake. Without the boots? Ouch.

Shoveling snow: A good solid pair of safety boots that are water resistant can mean shoveling the snow doesn’t leave you with that frost bite feeling or worst actual frost bite. Protect your feet when you are shoveling snow and live to shovel another day. It’s cold outside but it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Working on your car: If you have decided to give being a mechanic a shot wearing a good solid pair of safety boots while you are working on your car is a good idea because you just never know. Add a steel tip boot to the equation and you are feeling better protected already.

Carrying your kid on your back or shoulders: Wait did we just say that? Yes we did! Here is why, if you are playing around with your kids wouldn’t it be nice to be wearing a pair of slip resistant safety boots over your slippery work shoes? We think so! When it comes to being a great dad, you already have that covered. Protect yourself and your kids by wearing the boots that keep your feet firmly on the ground so your kids can enjoy being off the ground for a while.



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