Hi Visibility Jackets And Other Gear – When Are They Needed?

It seems that everywhere you look these days you will see some form of hi visibility clothing. Here you will find out just what kinds of jobs and activities necessitate the use of high visibility safety clothing, and by the end you may even decide to get some for yourself as well.

Working at night

The primary reason why high visibility clothing were invented was so people can do their jobs safely even at night. The first instance of high visibility clothes were railway safety clothing for the workers at the Scotland rail system back in the 1960’s. They were preparing for the coming of a faster electric rail system and they need to make sure that the rail workers are easily seen by the train engineers even in the darkness to prevent any fatal accidents. The test proved such a success that by the very next year, high visibility gear are issued to workers who operate in conditions where the lighting is not optimal.

In Case Of Bad Weather

There are some workers who do not let the weather get in the way of their jobs, like roadside construction workers, and they need something like a high visibility jacket that not only protects them from the rain and keeps them somewhat dry, they also alert passing motorist about the danger ahead. If you have ever tried driving in the pouring rain, then you know just how hard it is to see the cars in the opposite lane, unless of course they turn on their headlights; this is essentially what high visibility clothing does for people working on the roadside.

Emergency Services

You may also notice that EMTs also wear highly reflective clothes when they respond to a medical emergency, like a car crash in the middle of a busy highway. Besides the flashing lights of their ambulance, they also need to don reflective clothing for safety against oncoming traffic. If they can be seen from a hundred meters away, then motorists will start to slow down their vehicles and prevent another crash from happening.

Besides EMTs, the police and the people from the fire department also wear high visibility clothing; which is why some people also associate wearing these kinds of clothes as a sign of authority.

Recreational Uses

Besides professionals, even ordinary folks like you need to wear hi visibility safety clothing from time to time. Like if you enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, or any outdoor activity. For instance, when you are out hunting with a couple of your friends, you all need to wear a high visibility jacket so that you can distinguish yourself from the animals out there and prevent any friendly fire from ruining an otherwise enjoyable time.

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