Is There A Need For Safety Vests?

The use of safety vests and other high visibility clothing was first implemented after they were tested in the early 1960’s in Scottish railroads. In preparation for the coming of the newer and faster electrified rail system, railroad safety gear were made to be highly reflective so that the rail workers can be seen from a good distance away, even when the light conditions are far from satisfactory. Nowadays you can see high visibility workwear almost everywhere you look, but are they really necessary?

To learn more about workwear that are hi vis, here are some of the reasons why they are actually needed in today’s society:

They Make People More Cautious

Besides protecting the wearer, a high visibility jacket and other kinds of safety wear can actually make people more cautious about their surroundings. For instance, even before they can read the warning signs around a certain area, if motorists find people wearing high vis clothes standing nearby they would usually become a bit more wary and become more careful. This is why policemen and even roadside construction workers are required to wear high visibility workwear when they on duty at night, sometimes even during the day.

They Are A Sign Of Authority

High visibility workwear are not just clothes for protection, they can also instill a sense of authority to the one wearing them. For instance, if you go to a sporting event like in a rugby game in your local stadium, you can be sure that the security marshals will be wearing a high visibility jacket so they can be easily distinguishable among the crowd of people. This comes in handy in case there is an emergency and you need to evacuate the premises as quickly and safely as you can because you can easily find the marshals and where they are directing the crowd to the nearest exit.

They Can Prevent Accidents In The Workplace

If your line of work requires you to be side by side with heavy equipment, then you absolutely need to wear safety vests and other kinds of high visibility work wear so that the machine operators can easily see you. Heavy machinery are not that easy to operate, and they also need the operators’ complete attention and concentration, so they usually only pay attention to their immediate surroundings; wearing high visibility clothes will make sure that you are easily noticed by the operators and they can easily avoid hitting you.

Workwear that are hi vis are not just for the workplace, they can also be used by civilians in certain situations as well. If for instance you find yourself getting a flat tire in the middle of the night, besides putting on your car’s blinkers and putting out your early warning device, you should also wear high vis clothes so that passing motorists will be able to see you easier and slow down their vehicles.

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