Safety Footwear: Promoting a Safer Workplace

With the right safety footwear, it will be possible for workers to be given the highest level of protection against heat, chemicals, electric shock, and other external factors that can be damaging to one’s productivity. For companies and for individuals, it is essential to invest in the right footwear, such as in the case of steel capped boots. Even if they can be expensive, they should be seen as being necessary as safety should never be compensated any way. It is also important to go beyond aesthetics and instead take a look at a wide array of safety features to ensure its ability to eradicate risks.

Things To Look For

When shopping for steel boots and other types of safety footwear, one of the first things that you should consider is its size. The right fit will do a lot in promoting not only safety, but also comfort. Rather than buying online, you might want to consider visiting an actual store where you can see the physical product and have it fitted. In this way, you can easily have it returned and find which one is best fitted for you.

The sole is another important part of the shoe you should be looking at. The soles are commonly made from polyurethane, rubber, or composite, each with their respective pros and cons. In order to determine which type of sole is perfect for you, there is a need to think about your line of work. For fire fighters, for instance, polyurethane can prove to be the perfect choice because they can resist fire. The sole should be penetration resistant for workers who have to walk through a rough terrain. Meanwhile, for those who are at risk of electricity, anti-static soles are recommended.

Aside from the sole, you should also take a look at the toe. More often than not, it should have a hard toe, which is perhaps the most common characteristics of safety boots. Steel capped boots can provide excellent level of protection against falling objects. The cap found on the toe should be broad not only for protection against compression but to also ensure it is going to be comfortable when worn.

The upper part of the footwear should be also given emphasis. Suede, leather, canvas, and synthetic fibers are often used. If you are looking for the best, you will never go wrong with full grain leather as it is soft and comfortable. More often than not, leather undergoes treatment for such to be able to resist water, and hence, keeping your feet dry all the time.

Another essential thing to look for would be the lining of the shoe, which should be as comfortable as possible. An inner lining that is waterproof and full padded can be best as it offers superior protection while keeping the feet at its most comfortable state, making you do better a work. The lining will also determine how durable the footwear is going to be.

If you are on the lookout for the best supplier of steel boots and other types of safety boots in Sydney, Blue Mountains, and other parts of New South Wales, you can visit the store of At The Coalface and choose from their wide selectin of alternatives. More than footwear, you can also see various options for safety clothing, including personal protective equipment. The store is known for offering lifetime guarantee on their products, which makes it one of the sweetest deals you will ever see in the market.

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