How Does Safety Workwear Makes Hazardous Jobs A Bit Easier?

If you work in particularly dangerous situations, then you may be familiar with proper safety workwear and how they can actually save a person’s life. But if you are new to the entire concept of safety wear but you want to learn more because you may need them some day, then you should continue reading so you can learn the basics about them.

History Of High Visibility Workwear

High visibility safety wear are the brightly-colored clothes like jackets, vests, trousers and others that have reflective materials sewn onto them; they are worn mainly by those who work in hazardous jobs. The first instance of these kinds of safety gear were actually used was back in 1963 in Scotland. The Scottish railway during that time were preparing for the coming of their new electrified rail system and they used the very first hi vis shirts for railway workwear so that their workers are easily seen by the train operators even from a long distance.

The hi vis shirts proved to be very effective in preventing railway accidents that the use high visibility safety workwear skyrocketed the following year, and was actually used in other industries as well.

Working At Night

The primary reason for the invention of hi vis vests, shirts, and jackets was so people can safely go about their work even if there is only a limited amount of light. Some of the more common people who use hi vis safety vests are the roadside construction workers. Their vests have reflective strips sewn into the fabric so that when the headlight of oncoming vehicles hit them, the light is bounced right back at the driver; they work pretty much like when you shine a light at cats’ eyes at night.

When drivers see the reflected light, they will immediately slow down and avoid the construction workers as soon as they can. Police officers and EMTs also use hi vis clothes for protection when they respond to a distress call during the night for exactly the same reason.

Working In Bad Weather

When the weather is particularly bad, the road visibility can also be pretty bad as well. The problem is that there are some people who do not let the bad weather keep them from doing their job. During heavy rains the visibility drops to just a couple of feet in front of your car, add to that the slippery roads and that is a recipe for accidents; and when they do happen, ambulances and police are dispatched to the scene of the accident. They need to wear hi vis safety vests and/or jackets so that oncoming traffic can see them better even when the rain is pouring pretty hard.

Recreational Uses

If you think only professionals are the only ones who can make use of hi vis vests and shirts, then you are mistaken; even regular people can make use of these clothes for safety. For instance, if a group of people went out to hunt in the woods, they each need to wear high visibility safety wear so that they can see each other through the dense bush and significantly decrease the chances of friendly fire; wearing brightly-colored clothes also make it easier for the group to find anyone who got separated from them.

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