From Simple Railway Safety Clothing To Modern Safety Gear

Only a few people know that the first high visibility gear were railway safety clothing. Nowadays, besides railroad workers, other professionals can now be seen donning the familiar reflective gear that has kept them safe and away from harm for many years. If you are interested in hi visibility shirts and the like, then you should continue reading.

History of High Visibility Gear

As mentioned earlier, the very first hi vis wear were railway workwear, to be more accurate, Scottish railroad safety gear. Before the safety wear, the only way that railway workers can be seen by oncoming trains is through the use of small lamps. These lamps were helpful for a little while, but as the trains became faster and harder to slow down, numerous accidents have happened, most of them fatal. Which is why in 1963, the Scottish rail system tried using the first railcorp safety vest in conjunction with their other gear.

The high visibility vest proved to be such a success that not only was it implemented immediately by the Scotland rail, the other countries followed suit the very next year; and soon after, other industries have found that hi vis safety wear clothing can benefit them as well which is why you can see them all over the place now.

Other Professions That Use Them

Besides rail workers, other professionals are now using high visibility jackets and other reflective gear, especially if they work in an environment where the light is very limited. Construction workers and warehouse attendants are just some of the people who are using these kinds of safety wear. When your job entails you to work closely with heavy machinery like forklifts, trucks, excavators, cranes, and so on, you need to be as visible as possible so that the operators can see you clearly and avoid you when necessary.

The police force and security personnel also use reflective hi visibility shirts. The police use them when they need to patrol during the evening or night. The high visibility jackets and/or vests that they wear make it easier for people to see and approach them whenever they need help; in contrast, the would-be criminals can also easily spot when an officer is nearby thanks to the reflective uniform, thus making them think twice about commiting a felony or crime.

Other Uses

Besides professional use, even regular folks like you can benefit from high visibility safety wear. For instance, you can wear them whenever you go out hunting or fishing; this makes it easier for the other people in your group to find you should you ever get lost. You can also make use of hi visibility wear when you suddenly need to make an emergency pit stop in the middle of a busy highway because your car suddenly got a flat tire. Using a high visibility vest can make sure that oncoming vehicles are able to see you and avoid hitting you as you change your tire.

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