The Best Safety Wear for Home Improvement Projects

Getting started on your first home improvement project is both an exciting and stressful time. You want to ensure that you take the appropriate safety measures and have the right tools at your disposal. Depending on the project your equipment needs will vary. Some of the common items that are often overlooked are the items that you may not be thinking about when you are gathering the supplies that you need for the job.

A few safety items you will want to have in your home:

Glasses 3700 Series Clear Goggle Pro Choice 3700Safety Goggles/Glasses: These are a must have for anyone that is going to be undergoing home improvements, regardless of the project having them handy can mean the difference between being able to start your project right away or holding off until you get a pair. Simple things like working with wood, or metal or other areas may require a way to protect your eyes.



Gloves Black Jack - Black & Gold Glove Pro Choice Leather Welders BGW16Safety Gloves: Most people that are considering starting home improvement projects are already aware of this requirement but we have included it just in case you are new to home improvement and because this is one item that is a must have in your home for any type of home improvement or repair.




Boots Steel Blue Argyle Lace Up 312102 Wheat NubuckSafety Boots: While these are not commonly considered they are a must have for home improvements and repair and this is because safety boots offer an extra layer of protection that are simply not available in regular boots. Additional safety features that are found in a safety boot are the electrical shock resistance, fire resistance, and oil and water resistance to name a few. One of the top rates safety boots around are the Blundstone Boots



Face Shield: In case you are going to be working on projects where your face may be damaged and safety goggles are not enough a face shield might prove to be a very valuable item to keep on hand in case you are going to be working on any home improvement projects.

Protective Clothing: This is not a required item but it sure doesn’t hurt. Having protective clothing can inspire confidence when you are working with tools or materials that you are not familiar with and can offer you a little added personal security for your most valuable asset, you!

At the end of the day there are a lot of options when it comes to safety gear but it is always nice to know that when it comes to being prepared we here at At The Coalface Boots, Workwear & Safety have got you covered.

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