What’s out best selling safety product and why?

We have been having a few of our customers ask us what our best selling safety product is and why. Well, we had our guy look into our books and give us some numbers and we were not too surprised to see the answer to this question.

It was what we had thought but decided to confirm the numbers before committing to an answer. Are you ready to discover what our best selling safety product is and why?

As you are probably aware by now we started our company focused on safety footwear because we believe that the feet are an invaluable asset to the laborer and we wanted to protect that asset. By combining style, comfort, and safety we were able to find the perfect work place safety boots to stock on our shelves and to display on our website.

Thus the dream was born and the vision that we have been actively working on since the inception of the company. With that being said it didn’t come as a big surprise to us that our best selling safety product would be one of our workplace safety boots. It didn’t even surprise us that the reason our workplace safety boots were rating so high was due to the fact that our customers just loved the way they felt wearing them.

Yes, it was a little bit of a surprise because our high visibility vests and jackets have been doing really well as far as sales go but at the end of the day our best selling safety product was one of our workplace safety boots.

Of course we also have a rapidly growing line of high visibility work shirts that are literally changing the name of the game when it comes to safety. These shirts make the workers more visible during decreased visibility situations and has helped to prevent workplace injury as a result.

Our customers have been talking a lot about the high visibility work shirts and expressing their appreciation for the fact that they are both comfortable, affordable and provide that extra layer of safety and protection that you just don’t find in the regular stores.

Figuring out which one of our products was the best selling was quite the challenge. It was a good challenge though because it showed us what our customers want and are looking for.

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