People Who Really Need Hi Vis Shirts And Other Safety Gear

The first instance wherein hi vis shirts were used was back in 1963 when Scottish railroad workers started using them. Rail companies started using high visibility railroad safety gear in preparation for their new electrified train system, which means faster trains and a higher likelihood of rail workers getting hit by one of them. And, because the high visibility shirts performed so much better than people expected, they became a staple in the railroad business and in other fields that require people to work in poorly-lit environments.

Here is a short compilation of the people who use high visibility safety wear clothing on a regular basis, and may have been quite a few times by them:

Police Officers/Security Personnel

Police officers are required to wear reflective gear when they are out patrolling at night; not only will this make them easier to spot by people who need their assistance, they also make them highly visible to criminals so they can also work as a crime deterrent. These are practically the same reasons why security guards and stewards use them as well.

Construction Workers/Warehouse Crew

When you work closely with heavy machinery you should be highly visible so that you are not accidentally hit and seriously injured by those massive titans. The operators of these massive machines are already busy enough manning the controls, so they may not even notice if a person is in their way, thus resulting in serious injuries, maybe even death. It is better if the workers have workwear that are hi vis because they can be spotted from a good distance away.

Construction crews that do roadside works like re-paving or fixing downed power lines also need to wear high visibility work wear so that motorists can see them even from a dozen meters away; the highly visible reflective wear can also serve as a warning for oncoming vehicles that the area is particularly hazardous so they need to slow down.


Hi visibility work wear is not only for professionals, even regular folks like you can find many uses for them. For instance, if you enjoy hunting or camping in the great outdoors, it is recommended that you wear high visibility shirts and other gear just to be on the safe side. When you are hunting with a party of people, you will need to use high visibility clothing so that you do not get shot at accidentally by the other hunters. There are also dozens, if not hundreds of people who get lost every year while trekking through the wild, and if you happen to be wearing hi visibility shirts it will be easier for rescue parties to find out where you are.

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