Why Hi-Visibility Safety Clothing is a Safe Bet

Visitec Shirt Cotton Drill Work Wear HiVis ClothingThese days being safe is more important than ever. With so many ways to become injured it is important to find ways to decrease your risk while increasing your pleasure. In the past in order to be safe you had to look like you were “trying” to be safe. These days that is no longer an issue. We have proven that with our selection of the best name brand safety gear in the industry. Our customers choose our store because we offer them more. More options, more information, and more value to name a few.

Take our high quality high visibility safety shirts for example. We have the Shirt Cotton Drill L/S Visitec WWDL. This is a long sleeve cotton shirt that offer high visibility and comes in Safety Orange, Orange/Navy, and Yellow/Navy. These shirts are considered one of the more fashionable work shirts that do not compromise on safety for the sake of fashion yet when you look at the photo you can clearly see that these gentleman look like they are dressed to impress while on the job.

They are playing it cool and playing it safe, by combining high visibility shirts with rugged work pants and coupling that with strong and sturdy work safety boots all areas are covered for maximum protection. In fact the only thing missing is the safety hat and even though it is not shown in the photo that doesn’t mean that we don’t stock them.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the best possible overall experience and for us that means offering our customers the products that they need to keep them safe, deliver our products in a timely manner, and finish it off with the best overall service experience possible. For us, that is standard and it is the reason why our customers keep coming back to us and why our business is growing. It is thanks to our loyal customers and thanks to the word of mouth that continues to spread across Australia about the products that we stock and the service that we deliver.

Here at CoalFaceworkwear.com.au we strive to give our customers the best possible experience so when you are thinking about safety wear you can rest easy knowing that high visibility safety shirts are a safe bet. After all, when it comes to safety it is what we do.



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