Workwear Tips: Projecting a Powerful Image at Work

With the right workwear, you will be able to command authority in the office, and hence, you will be able to obtain the respect that you deserve. This is especially important for bosses who are struggling to gain respect from the members of the workforce. More often than not, the way that you project yourself, which includes the way you dress, will be a critical part of how others will perceive you. With such, keep on reading and we will provide you with tips on how your work wear can positively affect your image within the workplace.

Pick the Right Colour

It is a given fact that colour will do a lot to project a specific image in the office. With this, if you would like to appear more authoritative, it is highly recommended that you opt for darker colours, especially for suits. Classics like navy, charcoal, and black will never fail you. Neutral colours will always be the best pick for work clothes of both men and women.

Invest in High-Quality Clothing

If you are dressing for your first job, it would be understandable if you will be buying cheap workwear since you are still starting to earn money for yourself. Nonetheless, after several years, once you have enough savings, the next thing that you should do is to purchase high-quality clothing that you can wear at work. More often than not, it will not hurt to spend more if you are sure that this is going to be tantamount to enjoying better quality. Also, expensive clothes with high quality can be long-lasting, which is why they will make great investments for work clothes.

Know your Audience

There is no universal rule on how you should pick the right workwear to command power and respect at work. Nonetheless, if there is one thing that you should always keep in mind, it would be the importance of dressing right for the audience. For instance, if you are going to meet with the big bosses and will have an executive lunch, you should dress in such a way that you will be like them. At all times, think about others who you will be working with in order to determine how you will be able to dress appropriately.

Do Your Research

Another important thing that can help you to dress more powerful at work is to research. If you go online, you can be confronted with tons of resources, including articles that will provide you with practical advice on how you can dress in such a manner that you will command authority. Look at the current trends and seek for pegs. Be in the know with regards to the latest fashion trends in the corporate world. If you are educated and updated, you will find it easier to pick the right work wear.

Choose the Right Accessories

This is especially important for women. Being able to project a powerful image will not be only possible with the right work clothes, but can also be highly influenced by the accessories that you wear. This, however, should not be a reason for you to over-accessorise. Keep your accessories at minimum, making sure that it will make you look good, and more importantly, that you will be comfortable at work. Pearl earrings will always be among the most classic accessories that women can wear.

Know your Body Type

To be able to look good and authoritative with your workwear, it is also important to have knowledge about your body type. This will be a good starting point in knowing which clothes will suit you. For instance, for those with inverted triangle body shape, unstructured looser cuts will be the best. On the other hand, for those with oval body shape, knitted materials and exaggerate designs should be avoided as it can make one look bigger. If you have a rectangular shaped body, look for work clothes with highlights on the waist to exude a better shape.

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