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Bata 504-66012 Avenger Ladies Black

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Bata 504-66012 Avenger Ladies Black

Avenger is the latest advancement in workboot innovation. Fusing style, safety, and athletic cushioning into a super lightweight & metal-free heavy industrial workboot. It’s packed full of features to provide superior all-round comfort and foot protection.

The secret to the Avenger’s superior comfort levels is in its midsole. Made from hundreds and thousands of expanded beads fused together to deliver the wearer endless rebound energy, outperforming any other cushioning material in the safety industry.

With all-over foot protection such as; carbon fibre toecap, TPU toe scuff, D3O ankle, and metatarsal impact protection, Armour Layer anti-penetration midsole, and EH protection you can understand why it is known as THE SUPER BOOT.


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