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Shopping for safety work wear can prove to be a tedious task, which is basically because of the fact that you will be confronted with an amalgam of choices. The tendency is that you may end up being overwhelmed, and hence, having the lack of effort to evaluate the possibilities that are available. Regardless of the multiplicity of the options, you should not forget to take time to weigh how one company is better than the other. It is also good if you can go online and read reviews or ask people you personally know if they have recommendations.


Provider of High Quality Work Wear – At The Coalface

If you are from New South Wales or from the surrounding area, one of the best choices that can be taken into account would be At The Coal Face. Over the years, the company was able to build a reputation that gave it an edge above other players in the competitive landscape. It has remained at the top of its game, in spite of the fact that newer brands are introduced in the marketplace. Some of the products that they supply include hi vis vest, steel capped boots, work shirts, and work shorts. Regardless of the specific product that will be purchased, you can be confident that quality is topnotch.

One of the reasons on why this company is the best is its Lifetime Quality & Comfort Guarantee. This is very seldom to be found within the product category. Some might offer one year of product guarantee, or ten years at the most. However, with At The Coalface, it is going to be good for a lifetime. If in anytime you encounter defects with the product, there is no problem. You simply have to contact the manufacturer and you will be provided with a full refund.

The lowest price guarantee is another thing that makes it able to be on the top of its game. If ever you find any item sold in their website that is being sold at a lower price in any company in Sydney, simply let them know and they will beat the price to a level that is 5% lower. Use your research skills in order to save. Nonetheless, this may not be required at all as the company is known to offer some of the cheapest options in Sydney, while making sure that quality is never compensated.

Paying through credit card is one of the best things that happened as a result of technology. It is very convenient and safe. Nonetheless, the problem is that some companies will often have a surcharge when paying through such channel. At The Coalface company is different in the sense that the price that is displayed is the final price to be paid. There are no hidden charges to be paid when you decide to have the due settled with whatever credit card you have.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that the company does not only sell products, but also offer a wide range of services. For instance, screen printing and embroidery are also available. This is a good way to customize the uniforms, such as through putting the name and logo of the company.

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