How to Prepare For The Unexpected Events

It can sometimes feel like a challenge when you are faced with events that are unexpected especially if you are responsible for the well being of others as well as yourself. There are options available and there is tons of information both online and in your local community regarding emergency evacuation procedures including emergency shelter locations, items that are and are not permitted and the number of people that will be allowed into any given shelter.

These are very important pieces of information that you will want to have well in advance just in case the information that we provide to you here conflicts in anyway you will be aware of which items to omit and which items are permitted at your emergency location. If you have no intention on using one of these emergency facilities it would be a good idea to over prepare rather than under prepare and be sure to include even more than we have included in our list of items to pack in order to prepare for unexpected events.

Some of the most essential items are not usually the ones that you are thinking about at the time but those would include water, bandaids, canned food or long life food, additional clothing, important documents (these are documents that would be difficult to replace later like immunizations records, deeds to your house, and identification documents. If you have access to cash or credit cards those would be good. Unfortunately if there is a power outage credit cards will not be very valuable so having access to some emergency cash is a good idea when possible or available.

Other items that you may find useful are a high visibility jacket or vest, safety boots, a small travel knife and a flashlight or two. You can use the battery operated ones provided you have spare batteries. If you do not have spare batteries you may prefer to opt for one of those alternative energy flashlights so that you don’t find yourself in the dark.

If you have a vehicle that is large enough to store your items in that may be easier than trying to carry it around but if you don’t it may be a good idea to purchase one of those large camping back packs that will allow you the ability to compartmentalize all of your items and will offer you plenty of room to add to it as needed. If you are traveling by foot carrying a mini sleeper tent along with either matches or a lighter would be good. Depending on the event or whether you are able to return home or not. If you are unable to return home, having a portal home could mean the difference between staying warm or freezing. With that same school of thought having a few extra warm clothes or even a warm blanket is very good item to keep available. These don’t have to be thick there are warm blankets that are as thin as sheets but are not considered sheets.

While this list is not all inclusive it should give you a general idea of the type of items you will want to keep handy in order to prepare for life’s unexpected events.

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