The Best Items To Keep Ready In Case Of A Flood

Vest Daytime HiVis Safety DNC 3801 OrangeIt can be a challenge to prepare for every possible event that life can toss at you. This is why we here at coal face work wear have decided to offer a mini training series to help you to be better prepared for the unforeseen and expected events that may occur. In this case we are going to be sharing with you the best items to keep ready in your home in case of a flood.

There are a few essential items that you will want to keep with you.


If you have a bag or some safe portable storage safe you can bring with you your prepacked contact numbers, insurance documents, bank cards and any extra cash you may have available. Additional documents that are helpful if you have children would be identification and insurance cards as well as immunization records or health records for yourself and your children.


In your flood kit you will also want to bring any medications that you or your family members are currently taking. Toiletries are also a very invaluable resource, things such a toothpaste and toothbrush, diapers, and baby food.

It is also a good idea to have in your flood kit are high visibility safety vests so you can be easily spotted if you find yourself stuck on the top of your home or in another decreased visibility area. If you have a pair of quality safety boots it will be a good idea to wear those so that you will be able to easily and more safely transport you and your family to a safer and flood free destination.

At the end of the day you want to keep this flood kit as easily portable as possible so it is important to prepare for this in advance by already determining what items you will be placing into your flood kit in advance. There are additional items that can be included in your flood kit if you have the space for them which include any additional pairs of glasses or contact lens boxes, any additional items that you believe would be an important item for your unique and individual needs.

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