The Best Workboots: Combination of Safety and Comfort

If you are in a line of work wherein you are regularly exposed to risks, such as in the field of construction, one of the most important would be having the right workboots. An ideal pair must be able to provide the highest level of protection in the absence of compensating your comfort. If you are uncomfortable with your steel cap boots or any other type of safety footwear, you might end up being unproductive with your work as well.

Safety Features to Look For

Among others, one of the safety features that you should be looking for in workboots would be the safety toe, which is perhaps the most important. This is especially important if you are working in an area where there is a possibility that heavy objects will fall on your foot. The safety toes will protect your foot from such force. More often than not, they are available in steel, composite or aluminium. The most popular would be steel cap boots, which may be heavy, but they can provide excellent protection.

More so, you should also look for the puncture plate of safety boots. This is an important feature if you work in construction sites or in any other areas where you can possibly step into something that is sharp, such as nails. With puncture plates, the risk of getting tetanus and suffering from bloody injuries can be prevented.

Outsole grip is another essential consideration when evaluating the safety of workboots. If it has an excellent grip, there is a lesser likelihood of suffering from slips. You should look for one that can offer excellent traction, even if the surface is wet or oily. This will also provide you with the confidence of being able to move around without worries of getting hurt.

You should also look for the electrical resistance of safety boots, especially if electric hazards are apparent within your workplace. If you are working in a place where electricity is a major threat, stay away from steel cap boots because the latter is at risk of electrical shock and conduction. Composites can be better alternatives as they can be generally asserted as being safer.

Comfort Features to Look For

While safety is a paramount concern when you are shopping for workboots, you should not also forget to take a look at comfort. With this, one of the features that you should check would be the right fit. The latter is more critical if your work will involve a lot of movements. It will be hard to move if the shoe is too tight or too loose.

More so, flexibility is also an important consideration when it comes to workboots. When it is flexible, you will find it easier to move around, and hence, discomfort will never be an issue. Overtime, the part of the footwear that moves a lot will also be the most flexible. Aside from the overall design, flexibility can be highly affected by the material that is used.

The support that can be provided by the safety boots will be another vital consideration. There are many things that will be indicative of the support that it can provide. The midsole, for instance, should have a cushioning that can provide comfort for the feet. EVA foam is one of the most innovative materials that are used in modern boots to provide exceptional support.

Lastly, you should also consider the weight of the boots. Steel cap boots will be heavier compared to their aluminium or composite counterparts. If the boot is lighter, it means that lesser effort will be required on your end to have it lifted as you work. Nonetheless, lighter boots may not be able to provide protection comparable to the heavier ones.

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