Which boot is our best selling safety boot? We share the scoop inside

Last time we talked about our best selling product we shared with you that what we had discovered was the fact that our best selling product was our safety boot. What we didn’t share with you was which safety boot we were talking about. Well that is about to change. We have the scoop and we are ready to share.


If you have been following our blog you know that we are big lovers of safety boots and for good reason. Safety boots offer a level of protection that is just hard to match with other safety gear and while we love all safety gear there is nothing quite like the safety boot which brings us to our number one selling safety boot. Are you ready? Here it is without further delay:


Boots Blundstone 992 Lace UpBoots Blundstone 992 Lace Up (Zip Side)


There you have it. The number one selling boot we have and for good reason.


This safety boot combines a lot of features into one small package. It offers a zip side which gives it the ease of a slip on boot while maintaining the integrity of a lace-up.


The rubber outsoles are designed to increase slip resistance in even the most challenging and varied environments. This boot also offers 300 degree resistance and those are pretty impressive numbers by any standards.


The steel toe cap also offers added safety from accidental injury due to items falling on your feet which we have to agree gives us added sense of security. The thermal regulating bamboo lining helps keep your feet from getting too hot or too cold. This means that you can work in the blaring heat or in the icy chill and not have to worry about your feet causing you any problems.


We could go on for hours talking about this particular safety boot. It’s slip resistant, oil/acid resistance and organic and fat oil resistance really make it a boot worthy of being added to your gear.

We would like to wrap up this edition with a few words of wisdom from the team that continues to bring you quality content, excellent service and the superior products that you have come to expect from us. When you are in doubt about which product is the best for your unique needs it is always OK to ask questions. If you are buying safety gear as a gift (something we see happen quite often) make sure you find out their size and ask us if you have any questions on which product is the best for the situation. That’s what we are here for. Thanks for reading. See you again soon.


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