Why Wear Visibility Jackets is A Good Idea

Jacket HiVis A.T. (D+N)  JB's LIME:NAVYThese days accidents do happen but as with all accidents most of the time they can be prevented. It is simply a matter of taking the appropriate steps to ensure that you are not left unprotected or unprepared. High Visibility jackets are a must for many different types of workers but the most obvious workers are the highway construction workers.


Why Wear Visibility Jackets


Highway construction workers are often working in relatively small spaces and in varying weather conditions. Not all cars observe the decreased workers in the area speed limit changes. This is why for these types of workers ensuring that you are properly prepared could mean the difference between life and death.


Yes this does come across a little like doom and gloom but the reality is that not everyone on the road concerns themselves with the road conditions, the rules or the road, or even the men and women that work tirelessly through the roughest conditions in order to improve the highway. This means that you as a construction worker will want to take a few extra safety precautions to ensure that you are not a victim of a careless accident.


This is where high visibility jackets come in and why they are a good idea. Even in the darkest situations or the lowest visibility circumstances high visibility jackets will help drivers see you when you are wearing one. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to organize traffic or if you are standing along the side of the road taking measurements.


Visibility Jackets Features


Jackets like the HiVis A.T. are sure to offer the type of protection that you have come to appreciate from the maker. This jacket is durable, has a warm shepherd fleece lining, two front zip closure pockets, three internal pockets, as well as fully sealed seams for added durability.


The jacket is also considered a very highly visible jacket and would be ideal for the colder weather and harsher conditions when you are working on the road. This type of jacket is not just for those working along the side of the road. It can be worn by anyone and may even be a good idea to keep it in the back of your trunk in case you ever find yourself with a flat tire at the side of a dark road. Flares are good but can only help the driver see your car, not you.


For added protection and added peace of mind it is always better to be prepared and you can choose either a heavy weight high visibility jacket like the HiVi or you can choose a high visibility vest. This is a smaller and lighter piece that can be worn on top of what you are already wearing. If size matters and you want to be wearing as little as possible, the vest would be the best alternative solution to the jacket.



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